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Tembisa Rapist

Builder 'duped' by first Kenyan fiancée puts trust in second Kenyan loverA builder who believes he was the victim of a marriage scam has found a new love with his second African fiancée. Tim Reeves plans to emigrate to Kenya for the love of Maryanne Wanja.Tim Reeves got engaged to Kenyan Maryanne Wanja, 26, almost two years after his first wife, Priscila Njenga, also from Kenya, walked out on him.The 58-year-old said: ‘I know people might think I’m being taken for a ride, especially after my last experience.‘But Maryanne is completely different to Priscila and I know this is the real deal.‘When Priscila left me I felt completely betrayed. She lied about everything – even telling me she was 34 when she was actually 40.’The bricklayer was first dumped by Ms Njenga, who he suspects was already married, soon after their £5,000 wedding in a Nairobi hotel in October 2008.Nine months later Mr Reeves said he took her back when she asked him to help bring her daughter Helen, 18, to Britain. She left again in August 2010.Now, after meeting Maryanne on a dating website four months ago, he has paid for her to move into a luxury flat and covers her daughter’s school fees. He said they are united by ‘hardships’ and plans to leave his home in Slough, Berkshire, to live in Kenya.‘I’ve fallen out with my mum and my close friends about emigrating. They don’t want me to get hurt again but this is my future happiness,’ he added.

30/05/2012 Zimbabwe president Robert Mugabe appointed UN 'leader for tourism'Robert Mugabe may be under a European travel ban for human rights abuses but that hasn’t stopped him becoming a champion of tourism for Zimbabwe.The president has received the unlikely honour from the United Nations, which is keen for him to show his ‘friendly’ side before hosting next year’s World Trade Organisation summit with Zambia.The 88-year-old, who has been accused of ethnic cleansing and bankrupting his country, appeared determined to bring his unique brand of energy to his role as host.‘We will spare no effort in delivering to you and the whole global tourism family a uniquely African experience,’ he said.The UN has long been fond of attracting publicity to causes by appointing high-profile goodwill ambassadors like David Beckham, Angelina Jolie and Orlando Bloom.But the ‘honour’ bestowed on Mugabe has been met with disbelief by human rights groups, opposition leaders – and on Twitter.Victoria Falls A man walks along the Victoria Falls, a tourism hotspot on the border of Zambia and Zimbabwe One tweet referring to hardline rule in Syria and North Korea read: ‘Next up, Bashar al-Assad as UN Ambassador for Childcare, and Kim Jong-un as Ambassador for Free Speech.’Kumbi Muchemwa, a spokesman for Zimbabwe’s Movement for Democratic Change said: ‘I can’t see any justification for the man being an ambassador. An ambassador for what? The man has blood on his hands. Do they want tourists to see those bloody hands?’Zimbabwe’s own tourism industry has virtually collapsed.A spokeswoman for the WTO said Mugabe and the Zambian president, Michael Sata, had been presented with an open letter calling on them to ‘support tourism’ in their respective countries and insisted they were not UN ambassadors

30/05/012Malawi’s late president Bingu wa Mutharika’s widow Callista suspects that her husband had a sexual encounter with a female MP when he suffered a cardiac arrest.The late president collapsed while in a room alone with Agnes Penemulungu, Lilongwe legislator. The guards and other government officials had been told to step outside. His wife had earlier been sent on an unplanned errand out of town.Family members said when Mutharika collapsed in the room his female companion was so shocked that she did not know what to do. She took some time before she called for help.“Madame Callista wonders why the former president relieved guards of their work at that time. No wonder when Bingu collapsed, Penemulungu did not know what to do.“It took time before she engaged guards. If Callista were there, perhaps Bingu could not have died because she could get immediate attention,” the member said.“It took time to resuscitate the former president and no wonder he died right there at the State House because even when his personal doctor was alerted time had already gone,” the family member said.The former First Lady has been briefing her family members and is demanding answers. The female MP has refused to provide any answers. Some family members told Nyasa Times that on Mutharika’s fateful day, he told his wife, Callista to go and visit some elderly people in Nkhoma, Lilongwe. The report says it was not a planned trip and Bingu just woke up and gave the directive to the wife.“The wife was given money to take to the elderly people but she kept asking herself why that a surprise trip,” the family member said. Callista reasoned with Bingu that whenever he had appointments, she was around within the house but on that day, Bingu insisted she leave State House and allow him to meet with the women MPs alone.Another suspicion Callista has, according to family members, is the room in which Bingu met some women MPs and ministers on that day. He met Patricia Kaliati and later Agnes Penemulungu, Lilongwe legislator.“Bingu did not meet with the women in the usual conference room. It was a small room with about four or five chairs only.“He met some women MPs and ministers in turns and he collapsed when he was in that small room with Agnes Penemulungu, a Lilongwe MP. The question our aunt has is why the former president decided to meet with the women in that special room,” the family member said.President Joyce Banda said she was appointing a commission of inquiry to look into when and how Mutharika died

Widow Madame Cllista

Betty's Kitchen Party

Zambian Jewish Community

20/02/2015 Rapists gets 1535 years in jail AN EVIL rapist was condemned to a lifetime in jail.The Tembisa rapist, Albert Morake (35), was sentenced to an incredible 1 535 years behind bars.Rape survivors who attended the sentencing at Palm Ridge Magistrates Court in Alberton, Joburg danced with joy and hugged each other.One survivor said: “I feel like climbing the highest mountain and shouting to the high heavens! I am grateful toward the cops who worked on the case.“They did a great job. I’m delighted he’s going to jail for such a long time.”Morake’s reign of terror in the Tembisa area began in 2007 and ended with his arrest in 2012.In January he was found guilty of 144 of the 175 charges he faced.During his hearing he denied raping the women.He was given 30 life terms for 30 counts of rape. He was sentenced to 360 years for robbery, and several hundred more for crimes including attempted murder, kidnapping and robbery.The sentences will run concurrently. Judge Rean Strydom said: “The victims are unable to live their normal lives.“Most of them can’t trust men anymore and they have marital and relationship problems.“It’s clear the accused acted on pre-meditation.“He came prepared and didn’t hesitate to use his firearm.”