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Dinner with Sata

6th of June 2012, Zambians in the Diaspora came in numbers for dinner with H.E. Michael Chilufya Sata at the Zambia High Commissioners residence in London. On arrival the President went straight into a closed door briefing with officials of the London PF Branch led by Mr Zulu who is the London chairman. After the briefing President Sata was ushered into the marquee were he was introduced to the full house audience by the Master of Ceremony. National anthem and a prayer were followed by an embarassing acid mouthed question and answer time. The guests did not respond well to some statements made by the President. Dinner was served while basement crew blasted the beat till midnight. The President had earlier left without goodbyes.Thanks to the gentlemen in the Presidents delegation who assisted me to get through to His Excellency before he left to personally present the video I had prepared for him when he met Zambians just before elections in East London.I had earlier presented Hon Bob Sichinga with the another video that I think saved his neck when a popular Zambian media published a damaging report on what he was supposed to have said in his London speech at the Zambia High Commission when he met Zambians, and is proved false on the video. My big concern on the night was a guy among the Presidents Security who I think needs to be taught how to communicate with people in a decent way, and possibly learn how to speak proper English. The guy did not even want to speak in any Zambian language when spoken to. His only answer was a very rude NO! not only to me but to other humble Zambians who tried to have a word with him. I was shocked at his body language and attitude as I kept an eye on him from a distance. I respect and understand his job of protecting our President. It’s a big deal mentally and physically. The attitude he carried with him is the same attitude one faces in most government offices in Zambia. Well I had no option but to blog about this guy. Once again, job well done to all the other security fellows for being decent and straight forward in dealing with people who wanted to force their way to get to his Excellency and have a one to one chat with him on issues he had raised. A few Zambians I later spoke to expressed disappointment to the Presidents answers on questions put across to him. Anyway, enjoy the photos and video clip / ZAMUK / Uncle Ronnie.

We want or don’t want it , Dual Citizenship should be finally implemented and amendment as a clause into the New draft Constitution of Zambia, despite being opposed by President Mr. M.C. Sata, this deal must further recommended for Our National Interest and the future of Zambia.This issue concerns families abroad and at home, families reunions is a must. Why being afraid or scared of great Zambians in the Diaspora ? The Old times of hijacking People’s Citizenship Rights is over and gone. And times of Dictators, Fascists or Communists is dead and buried for ever. No matter who are you in the Society Dual Citizenship is a must.The coming of Multi-Party Democracy in Africa brought together alongside with human rights to Our People, including Freedom of Press, Freedom of Choice, Freedom to Exist and live, Freedom of life, and adoption of Dual Citizenship among Nations. No one can bar, or broke one’s birth rights of someone’s origination and destination in today’s times we are living in, not even the King or President or Traditional Chief of that territory or kingdom . Every human being belongs to his destination of Origination, and double Citizenship or Nationality is temporary. Your home always remains your home, and the is no better place than home.The ideals of Free Enterprise and Democracy are complementary. The development and sustaining a strong middle class is essential to attainting stability in Zambia. Dual Citizenship has the propensity to bring this about. The future seems to provide a great promise ; Dual Citizenship will help to democratize the politics of Zambia. There are hundred upon hundred of children born to Zambian Nationals presently residing in the Diaspora. The Children with their dual Nationalities and exposures could help Zambia to navigate her destiny through the twenty-first century.Democracy indeed, is built on informed Citizen – participation, especially those who have lived and practiced it in development Countries. The ideal of democracy is meaningful participation of an engaged and informed Citizenry.Dual Citizenship is undoubtedly, one of the ways to foster Zambia’s future Economic development. Leopold Senghor of Senegal was correct when he said ‘’ To build a Nation, to create a new civilization which can lay claims to existence because it is humane, we shall try to employ not only enlightened reason but also dynamic imagination’’.Mr. Brown Chibale Kapika – BCKAdedo – Zamucano Political President

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