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British High Commission Announces VISA Changes 04/04/2014 -Announcing the changes at a media briefing in Lusaka this morning, British High Commissioner, James Thornton has disclosed that the embassy through the customer service company Teleperformance has subcontracted Fedex to start processing VISA applications on behalf of the embassy.The British High Commission in Zambia has announced new VISA application Services that will require applicants to pay an additional 59 British Pounds for service charges.Mr. Thornton says with the changes in VISA application, new VISA priority services will cost an additional charge of 100 British Pounds.He adds that with the new changes, the embassy will target processing 90 percent of non-settlement VISA applications within 15 working days and 98 percent within six weeks.He states that apart from the new premises for VISA application located at Corporate Park, the offer of the priority service and the new charge, VISA application process remains the same as before.Mr. Thornton has further told Journalists that the recent problems Zambia had been experiencing with regards the online application system was due overloading, and has since been resolved after the capacity of the system was substantially increased

Photo- Mr Thornton with Zamuk's Uncle Ronnie at the MISA Awards 2012 in Lusaka.

Types Of CriticismHow often do you find people who accept the bricks thrown at them and still are able to build a strong foundation? Just one or two in hundreds, we assume. All of us are criticized at one time or the other. In fact, if you are one of those highly creative and distinguished people who are committed to excellence, you are bound to be surrounded by countless critics. These criticism generally occur when you consider making excellence your goal, accepting a leadership position, taking a stand, sharing your faith, not compromising on your principles, speaking out or implementing a change. Say, for instance, scientist Ben Franklin was criticized for flying a kite in an electrical storm. Though these criticisms seem to be needles in a balloon factory finding opportunities for popping your projects and blowing away your new ideas, all that matters is how you use them to achieve success in your personal and professional life.Professional Job performance sets the stage for scrutiny from bosses and peers. Management requires giving feedback to employees to encourage professional growth and to ensure standards in the workplace. No one agrees with what we do all of the time, but when feedback comes from someone who is knowledgeable in their field, the ability to gain from the experience presents itself.Constructive We learn from criticism when our best interests are the basis of the criticism. If our parents chide us for jaywalking, we know they guard our safety. Correcting our grammar helps develop us into well-spoken adults. When instructors correct our technique in writing, playing the piano or painting a scene, our proficiency improves. Utah State University sites in Handling Criticism that criticism is constructive when, "The person doing the criticizing is motivated by a desire to help and provides solid suggestions for change." Constructive criticism helps us to grow.Personal Sometimes criticism takes the form of personal attack. Susie doesn't like the way you wear your hair. "You should wear red shoes with that dress, not those boring black ones. You need to work on your fashion sense." Personal preference takes the form of opinion which shouldn't be confused with fact. Sugar the words, but the message is the same, you are lacking, not the shoes.Self-Scrutiny Often we provide the harshest critic when we reflect on our own perceived shortcomings. Too fat, too thin, not enough this, or too much that; self-talk echoes negative commentary that rattles as our inner voice throughout the day. Margaret Moore, co-director of the McLean/Harvard Medical School Institute of Coaching states, "Our speech patterns can be so automatic that we don't even notice them. And though we may not even really mean what we say, it can have a negative impact on how we feel about ourselves."Low Self Esteem Criticism directed at others allows the critic to feel superior. Pointing out your shortcomings makes the critic feel better about herself. Similar to the bully who hides low self-esteem behind aggressive behavior, the verbal aggressor disguises self-esteem issues.Abusive Criticism camouflages verbal abuse in dysfunctional relationships. Inflicting verbal pain with repetitive, biting words damages a person as destructively as any knife. A form of belittling, the intent is destruction of the person's self-image. In the Emotionally Abused Woman, Beverly Engel notes, "With emotional abuse, the insults, the insinuations, the criticism, and the accusations slowly eat away the victim's self-esteem until she is incapable of judging the situation realistically."No one likes criticism. It reflects negatively on us, implying we are lacking in some way. It is a judgment. Criticism comes in a number of forms: As children it comes from parents and teachers; as adults we must deal with it in the workplace; and friends or lovers might have something to say about what we do or how we are. Reflecting on the validity of the criticism either helps us grow, or just makes us feel badly about ourselves. By Mary Beth V.

Pope Benedict XVI's decision to resign as head of the Catholic Church

Weeks claims that regular sex can shave off between five and seven years