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Country Factor

CountryFactor requested the pleasure of some members of the Zambian Diaspora to attend ZambiaUK Investment Conference. The organisation invited Zambian entrepreneurs and professionals working for key companies to the ZambiaUK Investment Forum that took place on the 9th December at the Mayfair Hotel in London from 8:30 - 16:30 .This Conference aimed at organisations interested in investing in Zambia and or any of the key sectors that Zambia provides and provided excellent networking opportunities. The Conference discussed and presented opportunities for investors in Zambia . Zambian Delegation: The President of the Zambia Chambers of Commerce, Trade & Industry - Geoffrey Sakhulanda , The CEO Bankers Association of Zambia - David Chewe , The Chairman of The Lusaka Stock Exchange - Friday Ndlovu was also attendance. Key Companies attending include , First Quantum , GemFields , Standard Bank , ZamBeef , Rennaissance Capital , Chayton Capital , Berkeley Mineral Resources Plc, Norton Rose, Vale , Trans Allied Resources and more.....

OPENING SPEECH BY WYLBUR SIMUUSA MP. MINISTER OF MINES AND NATURAL RESOURCES, REPUBLIC OF ZAMBIABefore I make my presentation, allow me to say a few words.It is my pleasure to be part of this Zambia Investment Promotion Conference being held here in London. I wish to acknowledge the importance of this event both to the investors here in the UK. around the worldand particularly Zambia which stands to benefit in terms of economic growth from any investment that may be brought to the country as a result of this conference. Therefore, I wish to commend the organizers for successfully organizing this conference and also wish to express my thanks to them for inviting me to be part of the event.Distinguished guests ,Ladies and Gentlemen, Currently Britain is one of the largest investors in Zambia followed by South Africa and China which is bringing in about US$2.4 billion in foreign Direct Investment. Britain is a strategic partner to Zambia's economy development because not only is it one of our major investors but is also a major contributor to the technological and skills development of the country.Distinguished guests, Ladies and Gentlement, As you might be aware, Zambia held peaceful elections in September 2011 in which his Excellency President Michael Chilufya Sata and the patriotic Front (PF) emerged victorious.The new government of the Republic of Zambia in its manifesto recognizes the importance of mining to the national economic is commited to the sustainable and equitable development of the country's economyin general and that of the mining sector in particular. To this effect, my government has put in place policies to increase production from the current 750,000 tonnes of copper to 1,000,OOO tonnes per annum by 2015. to achieve the above target, Government is encouraging investments in mineral exploration to cover the remaining 42% of Zambia which remains geologically unmapped.Further, Government shall review the policy and regulatory framework for the mining industry with a view of promoting exploration and mining development. The Zambian Government shall undertake to creat an enabling investment climate for foreign mining investors while encouraging more investors to come to Zambia. We also expect investors to respect existing labour, environment and investment laws that govern our country. Government also intends to provide incentives to encourage value addition and the adoption of environmentally sustainable mining technologies. Further my Government will be looking to encourage the diversification of minerals being mined in Zambia from copper and cobalt to other minerals such as energy minerals, industrial minerals and precious minerals.The Zambian Government also realises that it needs to diversify the economy away from dependence on mineral resources, particularily copper and agrees with this conference that the current boom of the Zambian mineral exports should be leveraged to attract investors in other less developed sectors to diversify the country's economy and lessen its dependence on cyclical prices of mineral exports, an issue among others which this conference will discuss. The major areas which the Government seeks to develop in its quest to diversify are Agriculture, Tourism, Manufacturing and Real Estate.With these few words I now proceed with my presentation and I thank you for your continued attention.-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------After the Minister's presentation, other speakers made their presentations followed by Question and Answer session and a closing speech by the minister. This was the kind of conference for those Zambians in the Diaspora who would like to make some serious investments back home to see what big investors are doing for the Zambian economy.Zambians in the Diaspora, this was not the kind of conference to miss.Enjoy photo slide of the event and have fun. Any comment/message or to order a photo fill in contact below and send.

Hon. MP. Minister Simuusa

FROM: Chris Munalula: Message flagged Sunday, 11 December 2011, 16:27The email reads:Uncle Ronnie,Thanks for covering this event and letting the public know about investiments in Zambia which are growing at a fast rate. The only thing we all need to mention in our meetings is that the richest resource Zambia has is the human resource, therefore it will be up to govt and us to create a partnership that attracts most Zambians to have a form of security when they set-up shop back home and how professionals can be retained by the govt in order to avoid the brain-drain that is still rife.__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________@ChrisHi Chris, thanks for getting in touch. I hope we Zambians in the Diaspora will hold a conference to seriously discuss the points you have raised and other issues. Stay Blessed Bro. - Uncle Ronnie

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