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Cardinal Manzobwe

MEDICS REFUSED TO AID DYING STUDENT Two ambulance workers refused to take a dying student to hospital because she had soiled herself, it has been claimed. The pair have been suspended from frontline duty while the allegation by Sarah Mulega’s landlady is investigated by ambulance bosses.Ms Mulega suffered from sickle cell anaemia, a genetic condition which can restrict blood flow causing painful and potentially deadly episodes called crisis. Her landlady, Chinwe Moneke, called for an ambulance after discovering the 21-year-old collapsed in her bedroom on January 9. When the first ambulance arrived, the crew ‘did not touch Sarah at all’, she claimed. She said: ‘They did not check Sarah’s temperature nor heartbeat. I heard one of them tell her, “If you want to be taken to hospital, then get up so we can take you.”’ Ms Moneke, from Barking, Essex, believes their refusal to help was because Ms Mulega had soiled herself. She then called for another ambulance which took Ms Mulega to hospital but she died later. An inquest has opened into her death but a cause of death has not yet been established. A spokesman for London Ambulance Service offered its condolences and said an investigation had begun. .Ms Mulega’s cousin, Thomas Chisanga, said: ‘The people who were there to help her let her down in the last hour. I have so much anger towards them..:

AFRICA'S WORST DICTATOR BECOMES AU LEADER Equatorial Guinea's Dictator Teodoro Obiang Nguema has been elected to take over the post of chairman of the African Union (AU). "This is the darkest day in the AU's history," afrol News editors comment. President Obiang, taking power in Equatorial Guinea from his uncle in 1978 in a coup, has the dubious honour of competing for the title as Africa's worst dictator, only comparable to the Presidents of Eritrea and The Gambia.The election of Mr Obiang as the next chairman of the African Union (AU) - taking over from Malawi President Bingu wa Mutharika - comes as an unprecedented wave of popular democracy demands is shaking up authoritarian rule at the northern flank of the AU - for now in Tunisia and Egypt.There was a fear among many African leaders gathered at the Addis Ababa summit that the same wave of rebellion may hit their countries. When the Egyptian protesters succeed, there will be attempts of revolution also in sub-Saharan Africa.And how did these leaders react to the popular demand of democracy and human rights? They elected Teodoro Obiang Nguema to lead them through these upcoming times of unrest. This can only be described as the darkest day in the AU's history.Who is President Obiang?He has ruled Equatorial Guinea as his private estate since 1978. A US Senate investigation revealed that he has channelled vast amounts of money from the impoverished country to private foreign accounts. Estimates of his wealth start at US$ 700 million, on foreign accounts alone.His family members hold all major positions in the country, especially in the army and within ministries and companies managing natural resources as oil and timber, but also all national media. The President's son "Teodorn", known as a playboy, has also acquired enormous wealth, including a US$ 35 million estate in California.Opposition is not allowed in Equatorial Guinea, at least not in practical terms. Opponents end up in exile or in prison. Only one true opposition party - the CPDS - has been allowed to exist, although its leader is regularly jailed and elections are rigged to favour President Obiang. Oficina Prensa Guinea Ecuatorial/afrol News the people as the entire independent press is illegalised and even foreign media are blocked from the country. Secret police pick up those still daring to utter oppositional views. Torture is the norm at Equatorial Guinea's feared prisons.Until 2001, there was a special UN Rapporteur following the dire human rights situation in Equatorial Guinea and presenting one shocking report after the other. But at that time President Obiang had started to cash in significant oil revenues, spending much of it to improve his international standing. After a surprise UN vote, the special Rapporteur's mandate was withdrawn.Now making use of expensive US marketing and reputation agencies, President Obiang is now trying to sell in an image of himself as a respected elder African statesman. The US spin-doctors regularly overflow the internet with news of social and democratic progress in Equatorial Guinea.He has had some victories. Together with Gabon, Equatorial Guinea will organise the 2012 CAN African football championship. Last year, the parliament of the Central African block CEEAC was opened in Malabo, the Equatoguinean capital.But not everybody could be bought for Mr Obiang's oil money, it was established last year. The Equatoguinean Dictator wanted to donate some of "his" funds to UNESCO to establish the "Obiang Nguema Mbasogo International Prize for Research." The UN culture agency - also representing the world press - had originally agreed to accept the prize, but massive international pressure, including from Africa, forced UNESCO to drop it.This is the man that now is to represent Africa at a global level. The man to voice the NEPAD initiative (which now should be termed officially dead) in the international community. The man that will be the chief of the African Commission on Human and Peoples' Rights. The man that shall head the AU's fight against corruption.The African Union yesterday completely lost its credibility

EMIINENCE CARDINAL MAZOMBWE CELEBRATES MASS WITH ZAMBIANS IN LONDON. His Eminence Cardinal Medardo J. Mazombwe celebrated mass with Zambians, catholic and non-catholic in London on Sunday, 3rd April, 2011 at 15hrs (British Summer Time). An estimated 300 Zambians and non Zambians attended the mass. The faithful, of all ages and nationalities travelled from many different parts of Britain, although mostly from London. Some travelling from as far as Andover, Brighton, Birmingham, Bradford, Doncaster, Margate, Oxford, Reading, Southend, Swindon etc. The mass was co-celebrated by six priests with His Eminence as the main celebrant. The clergy included His Lordship Bishop Alan Hopes, the Director of Immigrant and ethnic communities at the Westminster Diocese, Fr Dave Irwin, Fr R. Fikwamo (Vice Chancellor Catholic University in Kalulushi, Fr R. Lesa (Registrar Catholic University in Kalulushi), Fr Chilinda SJ, Fr C. Mukuka (the newly installed Zambian Chaplain) and Deacon Baffour. The occasion was graced by the Zambian Deputy High Commissioner Mrs E.Luambiya and a number of staff from the Zambia Diplomatic corps as the London Mission is the Envoy to the Holy See (The Vatican). Within the congregation were nuns, Zambian and non-Zambian, from different orders some who are on studies here in the UK and those who have worked in different capacities in Zambia. This was a historic event as this was the first mass His Eminence Cardinal Mazombwe was celebrating with Zambians in diaspora apart from Italy. The cardinal is making a one week stop over in London from Rome where he had gone to take ownership of his Parish in Rome as per the catholic tradition that all Cardinals are assigned a parish within Rome. After the Cardinals Consistory (the ceremony to install new cardinals) in November, with a large contingent of members of the Zambian Catholics and Friends UK going to Rome for the celebration, Cardinal Mazombwe was touched by this gesture and the UK Zambian Catholics believe this was a way of the Cardinal expressing his gratitude and love. The other reason that made this occasion special was that over 18 months ago during the Thanks giving Indepencence Day Mass of 2009, with His Lordship Bishop Alan Hopes celebrating Mass with the Zambian Catholics, Zambian Catholics & Friends in the UK begged the bishop for an indigenous Zambian priest as the Zambian community in and outside London was large and would benefit from being pastored by a Zambian priest. Lo and behold, 18 months later after a lot of meetings and communication between Westminster Diocese and the Zambian Bishops Conference a Zambian priest Fr Clement Mukuka was appointed the first Zambian priest to serve as Chaplain for the Zambian community in the UK. It was at this same mass that Fr Clement Mukuka was installed into his office after arriving in the UK on 26th February, 2011. The mass was very uplifting and the singing was very vibrant with hymns sang in most of the major Zambian languages with a few English hymns as well. The weather was warm and dry for an English Spring day which was an added bonus as a number of the ladies and men donned on their African attire, a wonderful scene to behold as this added colour to the occasion which the African dress normally guarantees to do. His Eminence's sermon on Missions was from Matt 28: 16-20, where Jesus instructed his disciples to go out and make disciples out of all nations. As His Eminence Cardinal Mazombwe is travelling with the Vice-Chancellor and Registrar of the Catholic University, the two priests had an opportunity to brief the gathered faithful on what was going on at the new institution, the institutions vision and where the institution could do with help from all the good hearted benefactors in diaspora. The mass was followed by a buffet reception hosted by the Zambian Catholics & Friends in the UK. The association served a variety of traditional Zambian and English dishes and assortment of drinks. The hall was overflowing with many more in the parking adjacent to the church hall. The Cardinal and his entourage has a packed weeks progamme before they fly back home. The programme has included a day trip to Oxford hosted by Dr S. Muntemba which included visiting Blessed Cardinal Newman's library and collections. A day at St Michael's Catholic College in Watford organised by the Zambian Catholics and Friends UK through Dr L. Msanide who is a school governor at the school and whose Headmaster was born in Zambia. The school is working to be twinned with a Secondary school of Cardinal Mazombwe's choice in Zambia. Besides paying the Acting Zambian High Commissioner a call at Zambia House, a dinner by the Acting High Commissioner was hosted in honour of H.E. Cardinal Mazombwe. The Zambian Catholics and Friends UK through the chairperson Dr F. Banda, would like to convey their gratitude to His Eminence for taking time to celebrate mass with the Zambian community and hope in future His Eminence will find some time again to spend with the community. Gratitude to the Zambian mission in London for the material support rendered to the Cardinal while in London. Furthermore, Zambian Catholics & Friends UK are most gracious to all Zambians who attended the mass and the support they continue to give to the association and projects in Zambia. Last but not least, the chairperson expresses his thanks to the ZamCatholic executive and members for the hard work and personal sacrifice in making the day what it was.

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UK BASED RECORDING TRIO UK based trio of Zambian song bird Elaka, DJ Marlon "The Raging Bull" and veteran song writer Mukuka aka "San Saan" recently got together in a London studio and recorded a political song. The track called 'Tulemibechula' was penned by Mukuka who is the lead singer in the track. Backing vocals are by the sexy Elaka and a powerful voice message by Marlon."I have decided to come out rather than being in the back ground as a song writer, this is the begining, more is on the way" said Mukuka. "It was quite amazing and exiting being in a proper studio"added the "Raging Bull""All is fine I liked the song thats why I jumped on the wagon, Im looking foward to more projects like this" Elaka hinted.Photos on the left are of the trio in a recording studio in London.Listen to the song and send your comment.


song - "Tulemibechula"lead singer/writer - Mukukabacking vocals - Elakamessage voice/writer - Marlon

Busy in the studio


zamuk copyrights 2011 - Uncle Ronnie, London


GHANA CONMEN SELL SAND AS FERTILIZER Impostors in Ghana are giving new meaning to the expression of "selling sand in the Sahara." The gang managed to sell sacks of sand to poor farmers, telling them it was fertilizer. According to local sources, the con-men were able to trick many poor farmers in rural Ghana by collecting old sacks from the Norwegian fertilizer giant Yara, which also has a production line in Ghana. But instead of fertilizer, the sacks were re-filled with ordinary sand.Ghana police forces inform that they have detained at least two persons put in connection with the scam, charged with falsifying products by the local producer Yara Ghana.The arrest of the first two suspects was made after local police officers in the Kumasi area secured some 500 sacks of what was marked as fertilizer from Yara Ghana. It was quickly established that the sacks contained mostly sand deposits, presumably collected from a local beach, mixed with some other particles.Officials of Yara Ghana told the local broadcaster 'Joy FM' they were concerned at "the rise of the fertilizer falsification on the market." They assume there to be several swindler gangs selling bad fertilizers to Ghanaian farmers and are to assist police in attempting to get the accused con-men convicted.After the scam was discovered, also the Norwegian company has declared its full cooperation with Ghanaian police and with local agriculturalist associations. Yara wants to help eliminate the market for fake fertilizers altogether.Yara communication chief Atle Skredderberget told the Norwegian daily 'DN' that the company took the scam "very seriously" as the company depended on farmers' trust. "When such a thing happens, it is terrible for the farmer," he told 'DN', adding that farmers had paid for "a worthless product that in the worst case is harmful to his soil."According to Mr Skredderberget, this is not the first time someone fakes the Yara trademark to sell false fertilizers. To address the problem, Yara was now starting an information campaign in Ghana, teaching farmers how real fertilizer looks like.Yara is the world's leading fertilizer producer, with an annual turnover of around US$ 10 billion. Africa represents an estimated ten percent of Yara's market, with Ghana being among the leading markets.Ghana still is heavily dependent on its agricultural sector, accounting for around 40 percent of its GDP and providing 57 percent of the country's export earnings. Commercial agriculture has developed into a main industry in Ghana, with cocoa being the principal export product

President Zuma "wants seven more luxury cars permanently available for his wives."..........

Ms. Siliya, who is also former Education Minister, is alleged to have directed the cancellation ...........