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Isaac Mawele

Sikwebela Malitela

Miriam Nalupumbwe

Zamuk Funeral Announcements And Updates

Michael Mwansa Simwanza who was tragically knifed to death in Luton on the 30th October 2010 was remembered in a Mass by a huge number of friends family and relatives. People travelled from around UK for the Mass which had the Church filled to capacity. Zambia Embassy was represented by two members of staff. The procession was captured on video by a crew from BBC. Luton community and Zambian community as a whole were in full support of the grieving family since Mike's untimely tragic death. He was stabed a couple of times after a scruffle at the back of a recreation club ground, while a football game was being played. Michael's body will be flown to Zambia for burial in the next few days. Michaels dad said he might travel to Zambia on Thursday. In a message on behalf of the family, family spokesman Mr Fred Chileshe thanked everyone for the support as it has been a very trying period for the popular young Michaels family.Michael was born in Ndola on 3rd November 1992. He moved to the UK in 1998 with his parents after spending some time in Kitwe. He had gone to Zambia for his GCSE's in 2007 - 2009 before returning to the UK to prepare for university."He was loved by all family and friends" said Uncle Elly in Michael's short biography read to mourners in church.As Mikes body was driven away. White baloons were released to the sky.The whole service was so touchy that there were teary sad faces where ever you look. A very moving send off befitting the young Zambian.Refreshments and food were later served to mourners at the funeral house in a marquee erected at the back of the house. Appreciation for all the support from everyone was applauded by Aunty Vera in her closing speech. Click here for photos

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23rd November 2010 18:20

Former Deputy High Commissioner to the UK Mrs Luambia expressed shock and sympathy to Late Michael's Father on behalf of the Zambian Embassy. She conveyed condolences when Mr Simwanza visited the Embassy to thank them for the support. Two top members of staff represented the Embassy at the funeral gathering. Accompaned by family spokesman Mr Chileshe and Lady C, Mr Simwanza confirmed that he will be leaving for Zambia on Thursday. He will meet the body in Zambia, the body is going via South Africa.Burial will take place in Ndola said the grieving dad.A massage will be sent to the Zambian foreign office to monitor the smooth transportation of the body. said one Embassy Official.Registering with the Embassy makes it easy for Zambian Nationals to be assisted in most cases. CONTACT THE ZAMBIAN EMBASSY TO REGISTER.

23rd November 2010 - 20:27

DHC Mrs Luambia

Maureen Mawele was born on 10th March 1958 in Chipata, according to the records with the Zambian Embassy in UK. She died on the 13th of October 2010 in St Charles's Hospital in London where her body is still in the mortuary.The hospital details have no known relative or next of kin. Relatives back home have no capacity to repatriate the body and have very limited information about her welfare before she died.

13th December 2010 16:06

Two officials from the Zambian Embassy UK in the presence of a London based close Zambian female and a Zambian male friend of the late Maureen and me, today entered Maureens home. Also present was a representative from owners of the property. The access to the property was to try and retrieve valuable documents that can facilitate the possible repatriation of the body to Zambia. In the flat was a lot of her personal latest valuable goods. Most of them in very good condition. Parked outside the flat was a slick silver CLK Mercedes sports car she owned. Her passport has been found and some mail which might help with bank details. The Embassy is in touch with authorities here and her relative in Chongwe, Lusaka and might supervise the smooth transportation of the body and her goods to Zambia if there is enough funds for that in her account. The Embassy does not fund for any transportation of goods or human remains anywhere. More update here as soon as its available. Uncle Ronnie

Maurine Mawele

6th January 2011 -15:50

The Council wants the house to be surrendered. The packer asked to do an assessment requested to be paid £5,400 for packing the household goods. Since there is no money at disposal, The reliable staff at Zambia House decided to do the packing manually themselves and bring the items to the Mission for safe keeping while other modalities are being worked out. Efforts are being made to try and locate any of her savings to finance the disposal of the body. Any disposal option costs around £3,000 or more. The processes required seem to be taking long because she left no will and the procedures are quite tedious without a family member as next of keen. The members of staff involved at the Embassy intend to continue the parking on Tuesday next week if the Tenancy Manager will be available.

29th January 2011 - 20:01

The bank has made funds available for the repatriation of Maureen's body to Zambia. Part of the money will pay for the storage of the body here and the remaining money will be sent to the relatives in Zambia. Communication with her family in Zambia remains difficult and might cause some delay. Involvement of the Embassy has made the bank finally acknowledge the late Maureen's identity from documents including bank statements retrieved from her flat. The Embassy staff today removed some of the goods from the flat to the Embassy.There is still some house hold goods remaining to be removed. Maureen's body still remains in the mortuary where it has been since she passed away in October 2010.

23 rd February 2011 - 16:25

The body of Maureen Mawele will finally leave UK on 1/03/2011 with South African Airways via Jo'burg.The body will arrive in Lusaka on 02/03/2011 at 2100 hrs. The flight reference is SA066. Information from the Zambia High Commission


Maureen's body finally touched down in Lusaka aboard S.A.airways. The remains were met at the Lusaka International airport by her cousin, brother, father and Chongwe MP. No body viewing will be conducted before burial.The same photo seen above will be displayed on the coffin during the service.

29/11/2011Mr Isaac Mawele went to Zambia on a family / business visit. During the visit Mr Mawele had a sudden bout of malaria which killed him as he was resting on a chair early hours of the morning on 26/11/2011 at home in Lusaka Zambia. Back in South West London where he lived, he is survived by a wife and two teenage children ( boy and girl).Mr Mawele was a popular friendly person in the Zambian community in London who was loved and respected by all. Mrs Mawele will be travelling to Zambia this week for the funeral together with the children.Isaac will be greatly missed by all. On behalf of Mrs Lillian Mufalo & family, Mr Ndiwa Yuyi & family, Mrs Matilda Mawele & family, i would like to thank the Zambian community for the physical, emotional and material support that was rendered on the demise of my dearest brother in-law, the late Isaac Mawele. We are deeply gratified by the demonstration of love and support that the Zambian community displayed on the loss of Isaac. It was indeed exemplary.We pray that this demonstration of unity and love remains at the helm and core of us all.Mary Mwalandiku Kabwe.MHSRIP.

30/11/2012 Zambians in Diaspora raise funds to bring remains of Sikwebela MalitelaZambians in the Diaspora have come together to raise enough money to repatriate Sikwebela Malitela remains a student who died in Czech republic from that country to Zambia. The father has been given 4 options by the Czech Government to either pay equivalent K60 million to have the body embalmed and sent to Zambia, have the body cremated in Czech and have the ashes sent to Zambia, pay for his burial in the Czech Republic and pay a yearly fee for the grave or surrender the body of the son to the Czech Government for a paupers burial. Those in United Kingdom can contact Crossfire Blog Radio for donations (Mueti Moomba), and in America can contribute using the America account, Bank of America Acc: 334032269765 zip code 30350 – Zambians in Atlanta account and the names on the account are Priscar Zulu and Sheila C Chali.For Western Union the money, call USA Sidique Geloo on 678 851 6601 or Mr. Masheke Akashambatwa on 3362258369.Sikwebela Malitela was found dead and his body floating in a river in Czech Republic. The Zambian government later agreed to fund the repatriation of the body back to Zambia due to pressure from Zambians in the diaspora. Well done All / z

Benedict Benn Chikopa passed away on 01/12/2012 in North Londons Royal Free Hospital after a long battle with colon cancer.Close family, friends and relatives viewed Benn's body at Kellys & Co. funeral palour in the same area of North London on 20/12/2012 led by Benn's father and sister who had travelled all the way from Zambia.On the 20/12/2012 a huge number of family friends and relatives gathered in the morning at a Catholic Church in Golders Green North London for the mass in honor of Benn. Burial later took place during lunch time at Holders Hill Road Cemetery within North London. The late Benn's father and sister led family friends, relatives, Benns children and their mothers in laying of wreaths on his resting place.Mourners later returned to the same Church Hall after burial for refreshments and snacks which were served before dispersing during some noisy misunderstanding within the Hall. Benn's send off was befitting the much loved flamboyant family man.MHSRIP /Zamuk Click here for photos

Benedict Benn Changa Chikopa

31/12/2012 - NEW FUNERAL ANNOUNCEMENT and Update > Victor Pelekamoyo Victor Pelekamoyo passed away on Friday December 28 at the Churchhill Hospital in Oxford. The funeral gathering was at 108 Whytham Road, OX1 4TW, Oxford.Church service was held on Saturday 05/01/2013 at 2pmCatholic Church,Yarnells Hill,Oxford OX2 9BDMourners were later invited to join the family for tea straight after Mass at 3pm in the Rosary Room next to the Church>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>06/01/2013 - The family of four children with their mother accompaned late Mr Pelekamoyo's body to Zambia for burial. Friends in the presence of Zambia High Commissioner to the UK Lt. Col. Nkunika and Zamuk witnessed the family's departure from Heathrow Airport. Zamuk would like to praise the Oxford Zambian community, friends, workmates and family for impressively raising full funds in a record short time to repatriate the body and send the family on the same flight.God Bless all. May the good Lord guard over the family as they go through the process of putting their beloved one to rest on 8th January 2013 in Zambia. Once more Welldone Oxford Community / ZAMUK

Victor Pelekamotyo

01/01/2013 - BURIAL ANNOUNCEMENT > Miriam Nampumbwe-Bussink Mourners are gathered at Miriam's residence in Luton at: 34 Jasmine Road, Luton, LU3 3EZ.The late Miriam Nalupumbwe-Bussink will be laid to rest on Monday, 28th January 2013 at the Vale Cemetery in Luton, England in the United Kingdom. Prior to the burial, a Church Service will be held for Miriam at 11.00 am at St Matthew's Church, Hightown, Luton in Bedfordshire, LU2 0NN, before proceeding to the Vale Cemetery for burial at 1.30 p.m.Miriam died in the Luton and Dunstable Hospital on 30th December after battling with Breast Cancer for over 5 years. Because of Miriam’s fight with Breast Cancer, the family have requested that mourners be dressed in Breast Cancer Pink and Black for the funeral on Monday 28th January 2013.Miriam’s body will lie in State at the Chapel of Rest in Luton awaiting the arrival of her family who are travelling from Zambia and elsewhere. Miriam was born in Mufulira, Zambia in 1960 and moved to England in the year 2000. Prior to moving to England, Miriam ran her own import and export business in Lusaka. In England, Miriam trained as an Auxiliary Nurse and worked for several years, until she started encountering Breast Cancer complications in 2005.Miriam was a vibrant, energetic, and pleasant individual. She was a loving Mother who dedicated her life to her children. She is survived by three children. Her first born son, Martin, lives and works in China where he went to university while her two daughters live in England. The older daughter, Nachula, recently graduated with a Degree in Law and the younger one, Namwinga, is currently studying as a nurse at Hertfordshire University / Family spokes person.Miriam was put to rest on 28th January 2013 in a Luton cemetery MHSRIP. /ZAMUK

19/01/2013 - Captain Jones Mutambo the father to UK based No1 Zambian Artist famously known as Lily Mtamz died in Chicago U.S.A on 16/01/2013 from cancer. He had travelled to Amerca for treatment. Support 'lily' by attending the final funeral rites ceremony in Reading England on Saturday 26 january 2013. Captain Jones Mutambo was finaly put to rest in Lusaka Zambia on Monday 5th February 2013. MHSRIP / ZAMUK

Captain Jones Mutambo

Miriam Nampumbwe-Bussink

Funwayo Vuyo Ngwenya

19/02/2014 - Family friends and relatives gathered at Saint Alphage Church in Burnt Oak North, London to pay last respects to the late Funwayo Vuyo Ngwenya who was born on 09/06/1977 and passed away on 06/02/2014 in North London.After Church Service, burial later took place at Hendon Cemetery, Holders Hill Road in North London.Soon after commital at the cemetery, mourners were invited for food, snacks and refreshments at a Church hall in the same area.Condolences to the Ngwenya family. May Funwayo rest in peace. Click here to view photos - ZAMUK

16/05/2014 “Major General and Mrs Ennie Bulaya of Makeni, Lusaka deeply regret to announce the sudden death of their beloved son Simon Bulaya who passed away in Ireland aged 37 years old. Funeral arrangements yet to be confirmed. The sister to the late Simon is kindly appealing for monetary contributions to assist in repatriation of the body for burial in Zambia. After the funds appeal, No updates were provided to Zamuk despite several calls to the sister.MHSRIP

Simon Bulaya

26/06/2014 - The Burial of Charles Lengalenga took place at Welwyn Hatfield Lawn Cemetery, Southway, Hatfield. The cemetery Chapel was filled to capacity as family,friends, relatives and workmates paid last respects. Mourners later made a convoy to a Hatfield golf club for snacks and refreshments.Charles passed away on 16/06/2014 in Hospital after a long illness. The funeral gathering was at his home in Hatfordshire, Condolences to the family. MHSRIP. Click here to view Photos

Charles Lengalenga

Isaac Mawele

Sikwebela Maliteta

22/06/2014 - It was with great shock and sadness informing that Uncle Fred the husband to Aunty Dorothy of London's Zambian Fredor Restaurant passed away suddenly at home. Uncle Fred was buried at London Cemetery in East London after church service and body viewing by friends, family and relatives. Mourners were invited for food and refreshments at the same church hall after burial. MHSRIP.

Uncle Fred

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Funeral Gathering for the late Martha Mulonda who passed away in Newham General Hospital on Wednesday 6 April 2016 is at her house: 78 Ridgewell Road, Custom House, London E16 3LN.Body viewing will be at T Cribb & Son Funeral Directors, Victoria House, 10 Woolwich Manor Way, Beckton E6 5PA on Monday 18 April 2016 and Tuesday 19 April 2016 from 11am to 5pm. Funeral Service: On Wednesday 20 April 2016 procession will depart late Martha’s House at 2.30pm for the funeral service to be held at the Chapel of Rest, City of London, Aldersbrook Road E12 5DQ at 3.45pm. Following from that family members and well-wishers will proceed to Wanstead Sport s Club, Blake Hall Road, London E11 2QW to celebrate the life of Martha Mulonda.MHRSIP

Martha Mulonda

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