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Ireland President honours Fr. Kelly for outstanding work in ZambiaDUBLIN, Friday, November 16, 2012— Renowned academic and anti-AIDS campaigner, Professor Fr. Michael Kelly has received the Irish Presidential Award for Excellence for his outstanding contributions to the development of education in Zambia and Africa in general and for his work to curb the spread of HIV and AIDS.Fr. Kelly is among the ten distinguished Irish citizens who received honours under the Irish President’s inaugural award that recognizes excellence among Irish people in the Diaspora. The awards ceremony took place at the Presidential Palace in the capital Dublin.Fr. Kelly was awarded for his outstanding work in advancing education in Zambia in particular and Africa in general and for his great efforts in the fight against HIV and AIDS, especially among young people.His Excellency Mr. Michael Higgins, the President of Ireland said: “Fr Kelly has devoted all his life teaching young men and women how to prevent the spread of this debilitating illness. These are awards to eight of the ten wonderful Irish people living in Diaspora who have been chosen to receive this special acknowledgement for their tireless contributions to Ireland. Among them is Fr. Michael Kelly from Lusaka, Zambia.”President Higgins said the departure of Irish people form motherland in pursuit of service to greater humanity and in search of opportunity abroad has been a constant recurrence and defining characteristic of the Irish history. The President said the emigrant experiences are deeply embedded in the Irish psyche, and has continued to shape the country’s values, defining the Irish as a people at easy with others in the global community.“The current Irish people owed a huge debt to the previous generations of fallen Irish emigrants. Without their legacy and unwavering work done by them, the Irish community organisations globally currently working to build and support new links with the global Irish would not be attained,” he said.“The need to engage all Irish living in the Diaspora is critical. Without the Diaspora, very little will be known about Ireland. I thank all Irish people living in diaspora for their enormous contributions to Ireland' economic development.”The Presidential Award for the Irish Diaspora has been launched to formally recognise outstanding contributions made by exceptional individuals across various facets of human development. The award honours the sacrifice, support and commitment to Ireland of wider Irish diaspora in all its areas of human development. The thematic areas of the award are: Irish Community Support; Arts, Culture and Sport; Charitable Works; Business and Education; and Peace, Reconciliation and Development.Amos ChandaPRESS SECRETARY

I was born Matto Cole commonly known as Lady Matto. I’m a Sieraleonean singer song/writer base in the UK. I sing in different languages such as, Madingo, Susu, Fulah, Krio, English, French. I have a unique personality, vibrant and outgoing with a touch of class.CareerI started my music career in 2000. Later that year, signed a record deal with the paradise family (Jimmy Bee) and released my first single “Mi Paddi” which went to number 1! winning awards for best new comer and best single. I later travelled to the United Kingdon in 2003 where I now live with my family.ProgressIn 2009, I made a powerful comeback with my Debut Album “2gether”.I have just completed and released my new video for my latest single “cam 2 me” which is now available on itunes.

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