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NEGATIVE TALK HAS NEVER PAID MY BILLS SAYS ALICE MUSUKWA, I AM AT PEACE WITH MY CAREER;Sizzling hot international model Alice Musukwa who last evening became the talk of the town with her controversial nude pics has defended her move saying she has made peace with her career and that she has gotten used to criticism.The Miss Universe Zambia 2010 sparked a heated social media debate after she braved it all published revealing images of herself nude as part of her modelling career.She has however defended the move saying if you have it, then flaunt it."I have a thick skin for my career and very few things move me, I don't do it for Fame because my height is attention seeker enough I don't have to push it, I don't do it for people I do it because am me and I choose to do me No matter the negative energy some people bother to put in.. people that know me on a personal level know just how much I don't care what limited Minded people have to say... Negative talk has never paid my bills or push me to my dream. the very moment I made peace with my career, myself and my dream I made Me and I don't need to understand myself because I know who I am."The 27 yr old beauty queen, who is currently Zambia's most sought after model on the cat walk counts British super model Naomi Campbell as one of her role models.

ZAMBIAN MODEL ALICE MUSUKWA SETS SOCIAL MEDIA BUZZING WITH FIRST NUDE PICS;International Zambian super model Alice Musukwa has set social media buzzing after she published what is arguably the nation's first public nude pics for a model.Musukwa, a beauty Queen who has the Miss Universe Zambia to her titles, set the cat among the pigeons when she posted what she says are her first nude pics since she started modelling.After being prodded on whether or not she was aware the pics would go viral if they hit social media, the super model who has graced many international cat walks says she does not mind the negative publicity it may potentially generate and that she did not need anyone's approval to do her job."It's my work to shoot, my parts are covered..if it was Naomi no one would say anything but nice super Model" Alice said.Last year, another Zambian model ignited a huge cultural debate when she pitched up on the cat walk during a fashion show topless.Musukwa, in what appears to be stunning and revealing pics says Zambians should not get things out of context but should embrace their line of work. She pointed out people were quick to shower praise on international models but fail to appreciate the works of local models

17/01/2015Life is a teacher the more God blesses Us with Good Health each day the More we learn and choose what is God For us.I want to Say thank you to all those that understand and to those that don't I will only pray that you learn to accept the fact that not everyone will accept and live your way... People questioned alot about my Faith as a Christian... I have a Good relationship with my God he has seen me through all my life and he prepares my Ground with blessings I suggest to people before making others feel their sin is better than others just because we sin differently they should understand that we come from different families. I Love my family alot and I as long they support me even when they disagree on certain issues I age to make them proud.ALICE ROWLANDS MUSUKWA

SA-based Zambian model defends her beauty product advert pictures Updated: 16 Jan,2015A ZAMBIAN model based in South Africa who posed for pictures to advertise a beauty product says people should respect her career and not criticise her maliciously.Alice Musukwa, 27 posed for pictures to promote Silky Skin Avo for her magazine client, but the pictures have drawn intense criticism against her on social media.“I did that for a client; it pays my bills and I am happy. Zambians talk a lot and that is the problem. If you are not doing fine, they want to say something; if you are doing fine, they will still say something,” she said.Alice, the mother of one, said culture was dynamic and that Zambians needed to realise that their dependence on what people thought had restricted their career developments.“I am doing very well, better than I was doing in Zambia. I respect culture, but culture is dynamic. When I was in Zambia, I was very limited in my work, I could do very little. People did not approve of so many things, but now that I am in another country, I have been able to grow so much,” Musukwa boasted before hinting that she was now getting worldwide recognition.She advised people not to criticise but take a leaf from her and do something about their lives.Musukwa wondered why Zambians were judging her over the photos which did not expose her private parts. “I will live my life to the fullest. I have made peace with my career. I do not know why people are talking because those photos are not pornographic. No one can see my ‘boobs’ or my ‘cookie’,” she said as she giggled.Musukwa added that she knew some men were publicly criticising her but had probably kept the photos in their phones.“They talk a lot, that is the problem. If you had posted a photo of Kim Kadarshian online, no one would have said anything negative. The comments would have been, ‘Oh my gosh she is gorgeous’; ‘she is amazing’. Most of the people who are even saying bad things about me have got my picture and put it in their phones,” she said.Musukwa also told critics to stop calling her desperate because she had found a man who loves her. “Some people said I am attention seeking but let me make it clear: I am very happy. I have been in a relationship for eight months with a great man. I am a mother. I am not looking for anything else. I do not want to disclose who he is because I have been through a lot with relationships, so I would rather protect him,” she said.Musukwa noted that she loved her country and would always represent Zambia to the outside world. She said the controversy would not stop her from taking up more controversial jobs and hoped she would continue to receive support from her family. “My elder sister, who is more like a mother to me, has advised me in various ways. Well, she does tell me to do this or do that, but she knows it is my life, she can advise me but she cannot dictate. And well, yes, this morning (yesterday), she was shouting at me, telling me to tell everyone calling her to leave her alone,” said Musukwa.“She does shout at me but I will do what I think is right. Right now, my career is keeping me comfortably and paying my bills.

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