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UK BASED RECORDING TRIO UK based trio of Zambian song bird Elaka, DJ Marlon "The Raging Bull" and veteran song writer Mukuka aka "San Saan" recently got together in a London studio and recorded a political song. The track called 'Tulemibechula' was penned by Mukuka who is the lead singer in the track. Backing vocals are by the sexy Elaka and a powerful voice message by Marlon."I have decided to come out rather than being in the back ground as a song writer, this is the begining, more is on the way" said Mukuka. "It was quite amazing and exiting being in a proper studio"added the "Raging Bull""All is fine I liked the song thats why I jumped on the wagon, Im looking foward to more projects like this" Elaka hinted.Photos on the left are of the trio in a recording studio in London.Listen to the song and send your comment.


song - "Tulemibechula"lead singer/writer - Mukukabacking vocals - Elakamessage voice/writer - Marlon

Busy in the studio

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Zimbabwe Sex workers on 24hr shift as it is the order of the day in Cities

Until 1994 South Africa was ruled by a white minority government...

Kebby Sililo Musokotwane – Zambia’s Youngest Prime Minister born on May 5, 1946 ..........

Sensational details about vicious squabbles during Nelson Mandela's last months alive

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Forum on UK Based Zambians swindled of goods by a Zambian based in UK........



Chilekwa and Maurice's - 2015

Kayina and Nigel - 12/06/2015

Temi has witnessed first-hand the tragic effects of gang violence.

Showing our teeth to people we meet does not mean genuine friendliness.

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Dr. Christine Kaseba is committed to ensuring quality health care at all levels


The late great Zambian boxer Lottie Gunduzani Mwale's fight history.







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Do you know much about how men with African roots are raised to treat their partners?

London Catholic Church Mass for the late President Michael Chilufya Sata

Assorted Community UK Wedding Events in photos



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How often do you find people who accept the bricks thrown at them and still are able to build a strong foundation?




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Jackie's Funeral

27/11/2016 - Just over a month after her unique Bridal Shower on 08/10/2016 Kantu tied the knot with Daniel on 24/11/2016. After registration a few days earlier a Wedding Church service was held followed by a Wedding Reception at Cantley House in the out skirts of Reading. The newly weds now known as Mr and Mrs Knight were joined by family friends and relatives in celebrating the memorable happy day.

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"You Are" By lily Mutamz

ExNjase Girls Fund Raise At Africa Concert 2016


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Mwewa's Baby Shower

01/06/2017 - It was an exiting afternoon for family friends and relatives celebrating Bertha's 40th Birthday.Guets were treated to an afternoon full of fun, food, drink and lots of music. In supporting the mother and wife who is a nurse by profession was the Husband and two daughters

18/10/2016 - Celebrate Africa Concert was held at the Gateway in Devon. Performance was by The New Dawn Chorus, The Rhythm of Life Choir, Zimbabwean Umoja dancers and a number of Special Guests. In the house was a raffle and sale of African (Zambian) outfits by exNjase School girls who raised funds for their former school in Zambia. Behind the arrangement was former Njase School teacher Lorrayn who was fully surpporting the girls. It was a full house event.

05/08/2017 - At 55 Loveness celebrated her birthday in style with a lavish bash to be remembered and talked about in a long time within the Zambian UK community. The loving, caring and helpful Loveness who workes at the Zambia High Commission UK nailed it by bringing some of members of the community together.The birthday girl elegantly changed her out fits three times during the celebration held at the prestious "The Venue" in East London. Enjoy the photos and video clips >

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Kantu's Becomes Mrs Knight

Loveness's 55th Birthday Bash

2017 Special events offer

P and J Restaurant


26/03/2017 - "UK based Zambian song bird releases a song which was recorded in Nigeria. Her debut video release shot in Abuja, directed by C-RI SNOW-CEO of 4nymoni Enter10ment LTD is also dropping soonWatch this space.

22/05/2017 - It is not common for UK Zambian "Chilanga Mulilo" ladies traditional event to be held in the UK. Well there was one held in Beckton where food was prepared by the Bride to-be's family and friends. The Zambian traditional food was later in the day delivered by a convoy of dedicated lady custodians of the Zambian tradional culture to the Groom to-be and his family. Amazing proccess of activities as the delivery is finally made and accepted by the Groom to-be and his family.

Isaac's Chilanga Mulilo

06/06/2017 - Family, friends and relatives gathered in a very emmotional Church Service send off in London's Beckton for the late Jackie Kolala who passed away in a hospital after she suddenly collapsed. Her body was repatriated to Zambia for burial. Jackie was a nurce in Bart Hospital where workmates made huge financial contributions towards the repatriation. MHSRIEP ,

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Who is Who?

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